SARS-CoV-2 virus impacts on the human body are similar to acute influenza but slightly different- after the initial fever, fatigue and dry cough, most people will recover, but some become critical and develop severe respiratory distress and then failure leading to death.

It is more serious in older people and especially those with other health conditions- especially diabetes, asthma, lung or heart disease and hypertension.

However, even some younger people are succumbing to this virus- for at the moment unknown reasons- although I suspect many of them would more than likely have an underlying deficient immune system or be lacking in vital nutrients that would otherwise protect them from this virus.

As I mentioned in my previous news post, modern medicine offers basically nothing to help you with either preventing infection with Coronavirus or treating it if it does strike you down.

All that has occurred to date is the public has been scared to death by constant media carnage about this virus- and with a subsequent near complete meltdown of our economy in the process.

All this talk about how our health system is prepared and is here to help us is rubbish- it is not- sticking a ventilator into your wind-pipe (done while you are sedated) to force your lungs to breath when they can’t do so is not in my opinion an effective solution. This is in fact a rather desperate measure to take and basically says “we have no idea what else we can do – let’s see if we can force air into your lungs to keep you alive- and hope that somehow your body recovers from this virus- even though we offer you no other solution”.

In fact, it’s been shown that if you do end up on a ventilator your chances of survival are very slim- as most people don’t recover once this occurs. Sad but unfortunately true.

In fact, some hospitals have reported unusually high death rates for coronavirus patients put on ventilators. There is the belief among some doctors that the machines could actually be harming certain patients.

 Generally speaking, 40% to 50% of patients with severe respiratory distress die while on ventilators, experts say. But 80% or more of coronavirus patients placed on the machines in New York City have died, state and city officials say (according to

 “It’s very concerning to see how many patients who require ventilators do not make it out of the hospital” says Dr Tiffany Osborn, a critical care specialist at Washington University in St. Louis who has been caring for coronavirus patients at the Barnes-Jewish Hospital (

So the bottom line is – you want to protect yourself from firstly contracting the virus- which is what social distancing is all about, and secondly you want your body to be able to mount a sufficient defence so that if or when you do come into contact with this virus you are ready to fight it off BEFORE it becomes serious, and BEFORE it causes your lungs to fail requiring a ventilator.

 You need to act to become the healthiest version of yourself that you can possibly be so that the virus is unable to cause you any harm at all. You now have the time to do this- to act and to be pro-active and not passive simply waiting for the inevitable.

 One key factor is smoking- the coronavirus affects your lungs leading to possibly severe lung damage and respiratory failure. and is therefore much more damaging in smokers. In Wuhan China, there is a high male smoking rate of 50% as is in many parts of Europe.

Smoking has now been listed as one key factor that predicts a poor outcome in anyone that develops COVID-19.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends people quit smoking as it makes them more vulnerable to COVID-19 infection.

Also, smokers are more prone to developing heart disease which is probably the highest risk factor for predicting death from COVID-19 infection.

In Italy it was clear that smoking is a major factor associated with poor survival in those with COVID-19 infection.

Furthermore, smoking suppresses your immune system and those people with a poorly functioning immune system are at higher risk of dying if they get COVID-19 infection.

I will discuss the effects of the immune system in relation to coronavirus infection in an upcoming news post.

Smoking decreases the ability of your lungs to clear mucous and debris, which is very important as during a COVID-19 infection, your lungs are often overloaded with mucous, fluid and debris, leading to congestion, difficulty breathing and pneumonia.

This is vitally important- in order to have any chance of surviving a severe coronavirus infection, you really need your lungs functioning at their very best.

So if you are a smoker then this is your chance to dramatically improve your health by stopping this potentially fatal habit right now. 

In the process by doing this, you will also reduce your chances of developing a serious Covid 19 infection.