There is a health crisis going on and our current health system is unable to cope with it.

We are being told that our health service is state of the art and that we are well equipped to manage the very large number of Coronavirus severe infections that are coming our way- but this is false. We are not.

We are being scared shitless and told to not go outside, not go to work, not come into contact with people- why? Because our government knows as does our health system that our so called fantastic, state-of-the-art medical system offers virtually nothing to help us be able to stop this pandemic progressing, and nothing to stop you getting it and nothing to help you once you get.

If you think sticking you on a ventilator- by piercing your wind-pipe- and forcing your lungs to “breath” because they are being over-whelmed by your own fluids – is state-of-the-art medicine, then I beg to disagree strongly.

This is a last resort and desperate approach in my opinion,  and is merely relying on your body and lungs to hopefully and miraculously be able to on their own (without ANY help from our top notch medical system) recover their health without being completely and utterly overwhelmed – leading to complete multiple organ failure and death.

But why can’t our medical system offer you any more than this? Why can’t our top -notch medicos help you to firstly resist infection with this virus, or too boost your immune system to the point where you are bulletproof and can withstand the effects of this virus?

And why cant we be offered treatments that can fight the virus? After all, viruses are not new- they have always been with us- we couldn’t exist without virus- they make up our genetic code.

Coronavirus Protect Yourself

Currently our medical system has no drugs that are effective against this virus- there are about 4 drugs that were thought to offer some hope of helping treat patients infected with Coronavirus however the reality is that they are not very effective.

There is no vaccine on the horizon- and there may not be for at least a year or more- if there ever is one – this is no certainly as due to the nature of this virus it constantly changes hence a vaccine effective today may not be effective tomorrow.

Surely there are things that you can do to help protect your body and lungs from this coronavirus, and if you do get infected, surely there are things you can do which give you a much better chance of defeating this virus and not merely waiting to your lungs get overloaded with your own secretions and fluids literally taking the breath from you.

Well there are things you can do.

However our wonderful media ignores all of this- and focuses merely on creatting widespread panic, fear, and despair. 

Our goverrnment isnt doing much better- literally destroying our whole way of life, our economy, our ability to choose when and what to do without being told – and is now forcing us to “lockdown” or rather being imprisoned in our houses.. 

There are and always will be virus, diseases, health issues- hey 50,000 people die from Cancer in Australia every year, and about 44,000 die from Heart Disease. 

Yet do you hear the mainstream media carrhing on about these MAJOR health issues dailiy, hourly or every minute? Hardly!


Because they dont create fear, panic and more importantly – they dont create ATTENTION. This is what the media thrives on and basis its whole mantra on.

Create fantastic and amazing stories- better then the other channel or paper- grab peoples attention in the most dramatic way you can at any cost and by spreading false information and statistics. 

Many people have died from this virus overseas sure- but how many of these people would have died from any cause anyway?

And in many cases the vast majority that have died have had numerous co-morbidities that were more than likely the real underlying cause of death- however since they contracted a virus on top of all their problems- suddenly the virus is now the ONLY cause of death in all of these people. 

You can see how statistics can lie or mislead- and they do all the time. 

Stay tuned – in the next post we’ll look at ways to start protecting yourself and your family from this virus – and any other viruses.